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Hot melt equipment should also be cool for a summer
Release time:2018-06-22 Browse:2037seconds

In June, the weather was hot and the whole earth was baked like a fire. People walked on it and smoked, and people were reluctant to go out between the cool air and the air. But as a front-line employee, the workshop is like a steamer because of the large workshop space and the heat generated by some equipment during operation.

I remember last July a new hot melt adhesive equipment was installed by a client, which was used for the construction of the glue spraying pipeline in the glasses box. The effect of the customer is satisfied, the strength of the adhesive has reached the requirement of the customer, the most impressive is the temperature in the workshop, and it is simply spelled with the sauna. Because the hot melt adhesive needs to be heated in high temperature, the summer weather is hot and the construction temperature can be reduced properly. At the same time, if the performance requirements of hot melt adhesive are satisfied, the lower the construction temperature, the better the performance of the adhesive. Second, it can reduce the energy consumption and loss of the equipment, and finally it can be certain. To reduce the environmental temperature of the workshop is a lot.

The BL-601H of the glasses is in accordance with the conditions of low temperature construction in summer, and it has superior adhesive strength and aging resistance. It is hot to let our equipment cool for a summer.