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To break the bulwark, the good glue should be used in the tender place
Release time:2018-06-22 Browse:2165seconds

For a long time, there is a misunderstanding of hot melt adhesive in chemical products. It is believed that hot melt adhesive can only be used in automobile, bottle cap, paper products and other industries that do not touch the human body. In fact, hot melt adhesive as a pollution-free adhesive, widely used in direct contact with the human body, today is the hot melt adhesive used for steam blinders.

Every day to work in front of the computer, work to play mobile phones, and even the last second before bedtime, look at the electronic screen, the intense light stimulation, the modern people often have the symptoms of excessive eye - dry eyes, acid swelling, swelling and pain and so on. In order to improve these symptoms, the steam eye mask came into being, often only need 30 minutes, using thermostatic hot compress technology, the eye mask itself can pass the way of fever, let Chinese herbal ingredients moisten the eye skin with small water vapor, effectively relieve the nerve and promote the microcirculation of the eye.

But the eye is one of the most tender places in the human body, and also a place of nerve intensive. This requires that the steam eye mask can not have a little harm to the human body, and the eye mask is generally used as an adhesive for the use of nonwoven cloth or cotton cloth. The market is now recognized to use hot melt adhesive, through domestic and industry testing, it is the steam blindfold industry. An indispensable good partner. BL-703 has been using the market for many years to help improve eye fatigue through customer service to tens of millions of customers. It really broke people's impression of hot melt adhesive.