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Everywhere is the bright spot, the revolving box special hot melt adhesive
Release time:2018-06-22 Browse:2070seconds

With the rapid development of the IT industry, especially the "online shopping" industry has brought great convenience to people around the world. At present, the express delivery industry can say that it is a real change compared with the past. Especially the express bag and bubble bag. But today, I would like to introduce another product, the turnover box, in the express delivery industry.

Turnover box: non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, corrosion resistant, durable, stacking and other characteristics, by the majority of manufacturers of hot rods. Especially the "sea" customers. Before a few years ago, a customer called to consult with us if we had a hot melt adhesive for the hollow board turnover box, which required a certain temperature resistance, environmental protection, low smell and strong adhesion.

According to the requirements of the customers, special development of hot melt adhesive BL-378 and BL-358 for PP control board turnover box is developed, and the temperature resistance (high and low temperature performance) is emphasized, and the adhesive force is strong and the construction is smooth.

Hot melt adhesive is more and more widely used in our daily life, small to a small hairpin, large to aircraft, high speed iron and other high-tech fields, adhesion everywhere, everywhere is the bright spot.