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Hot melt adhesive for band aid
Release time:2018-06-22 Browse:2005seconds

Presumably, there are more or less all kinds of band aids in your home, and it is a good choice to take emergency measures whenever you accidentally cut them. But sometimes some inferior band aids are put on for a period of time, and the adhesive strips on both sides are easy to dry. What is more, the surface is not sticky and can not be used at all.

Band aid is the most commonly used surgical medication in people's lives. It is also known as "hemostatic plaster", which has hemostatic and protective effects. It consists of a long adhesive tape with a small piece of gauze impregnated with medicine. Therefore, when choosing the glue on the adhesive tape, it needs to have the effect of environmental protection, anti aging, anti-aging oil, and the viscosity should not be too strong.

Last month, a subsidiary company in Jiangsu found us, because the previously purchased hot melt adhesive products were all lost to the surface after they were exported to foreign countries. Mainly because the temperature of the container in the export process is high, the glue is aging in advance, the oil seepage causes the product to lose the sticky. According to the requirements of the other party, we provide the BL-702A2 product to solve the customer's performance needs well, the product is stable, and the customer's order is also coming in a continuous stream.